Testimonials - My dental implant


48 year old

« My prosthesis was painful and I was uncomfortable in times of heat and cold and when I did sport. Since I’ve had an implant put in, it’s wonderful, I no longer have any of these problems! »


79 year old

« I’m not 20 anymore, but I do have all my teeth! Among them, I have six implants. I don’t even know where they are anymore. For over 10 years now, I haven’t given them a second thought. Implants need no more care than teeth. For me, this solution is the best! »


33 year old

« Since I lost a pre-molar in my lower jaw, an implant was the only way to avoid having a bridge, so as not to damage my two adjacent teeth. The surgical procedure was very simple and painless. Now I can chew and smile with comfort! »


49 year old

« I had 3 implants placed more than 7 years ago. I was reluctant because I was afraid of the surgery but today I would not hesitate a single second! It is much less painful than having your teeth pulled out. They are totally comfortable, I do not feel any difference compared to a natural tooth and what is more, I have the guaranty that my artificial teeth will not decay. »


72 year old

« Loose bridges, worn-out crowns, teeth to pull out, my mouth had become an everyday nightmare. The placement of four implants allowed an efficient reconstruction of my inferior jaw. No more chewing problems. I do not think about my teeth anymore… I currently have a stellite in my upper jaw with all the disadvantages of this type of appliance, I am considering replacing it with implants in order to enjoy total comfort. Now I can smile and laugh without feeling embarrassed. »